Overview: Dark Side of the Moon to Oz...

Synchronicity first-half: This half of the experience has been viewed by many and utilizes the general consensus of the Third Roar Theory what was the concensus of where to start DSOTM. There are many websites already pertaining to this classic experience.


If you would like to print this out, visit the Printable link for a printer-ready version. It not only contains the short version of both CD's but also the required media, CD timing and the Timeline.


During Speak To Me:
Dissolve to Director Mervyn LeRoy is on musical transition between "Speak to Me" and "Breathe."
During Breathe:
Auntie Em puts her head over the chicken coop to "Breathe...breathe in the air."
Dorothy turns her head and looks back to "Look around..."
Dorothy touches Hickory's arm to "And all you touch..."
Hunk hits his thumb with his hammer to "...the work is done."
Dorothy balancing herself on the pig pen fence to "...balanced on the biggest wave..."
Dorothy falls into pig pen to "You race towards an early grave."
During On The Run:
Auntie Em seems to scold everyone to quiet background lyrics.
While Dorothy's singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow song, lyrics say "Live for today, gone for tomorrow...that's me."
Song ends peacefully when the sunbeams come through the clouds.
During Time:
Miss Gultch appears on her bike to the alarm bells.
Uncle Henry sits & shrugs to start of lyrics after Auntie Em tells off Miss Gultch.
Toto peeks out of the basket to "Peeking around..."
Dorothy's running away from home to "No one told you when to run... "
Prof. Marvel helps Dorothy with her chair from behind her to "...to come up behind you again..."
Prof. Marvel is telling Dorothy about Auntie Em to "Home, Home again..."
Dorothy leaves Prof. Marvel who is also the Wizard) to lyrics "Hear the softly spoken magic spell."
During The Great Gig in the Sky:
Dorothy confronts and battles high winds while the tornado is coming closer to perilous music vocals.
Dorothy gets knocked out by flying window in perfect synch. to musical transition.
Miss Gultch fades into the Wicked Witch of the West in synch with the vocals.
Song ends a few moments after the house hits the ground and Dorothy walks towards the front door.
During Money:
Song starts when movie goes to colour.
Damn if the Munchkins don't do a royal 'hammer-time' to the funky groove!
Munchkins seemingly march to the beat.
When the mayor comes out to do his babble, the softer background lyrics say "...I certainly was in the race..." (Political race?)
During Us And Them:
Lullaby League dance and twirl to echoing "Us...and them..."
Lollipop Guild undulates and hands Dorothy a lollipop to echoing "Me...and you..."
First close-up of the Wicked Witch of the West to "Black..." Then cut-scene to Dorothy wearing her blue dress to "...and blue..."
Multidimensionality with Dorothy and the Wicked Witch to the lyrics "...And who knows which is which and who is who."
The Wicked Witch of the East's feet disappear under house to echoing "...and down..."
Glinda and the Wicked Witch share words to "...it's a battle of words..."
Wicked Witch points to Glinda, her fingers look like a pointed gun to "...said the Man with the gun..."
Wicked Witch disappears in fireball to piano transition.
Glinda flies away in her sphere-mobile to echoing "...and out..."
Munchkins part from the Yellow Brick Road so Dorothy can skip her way out of Munchkin Land to "Out of the way, it's a busy day..."
During Any Colour You Like:
Dorothy meets the Scarecrow to sweet Pink Floyd funk.
During Brain Damage:
The looney Scarecrow begins his dance and a tuff of grass falls to the ground to "The lunatic is on the grass."
Dorothy is talking to trees to "There's someone in my head but it's not me."
During Eclipse:
Dorothy beats on the Tin Man's chest to the sound of a heart beating.


DSOTM CD ends to the aforementioned beating of the Tin Man's chest to the sound of a heart beating..

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