The End of the Movie...

Original Wizard of Oz movie audio.


Finale overview: The Prodigy's The Fat of the Land CD has finished and you're back to the original movie audio. Dorothy returns to Kansas and slowly regains consciousness. She proceeds to tell her family of the adventure she just experienced and iterates her realization that there's no place like home. The insanity is over. =)


Dorothy: " place like home There's no place like home. There's no place..."
Aunt Em: "Wake up honey."
Dorothy: "...There's no place like home. There's no place like home. ...There'"
Aunt Em: "Dorothy, Dorothy dear...It's aunt Em darling."
Dorothy: "Oh! Aunty Em, it's you!"
Aunt Em: "Yes darling."
Marvel: "Hello there! Anybody home? I uh, I just dropped by because I heard the little girl got caught in the bi...Well! She seems all right now!"
Uncle Henry: "Yeah she got quite a bump on the head. We kinda thought there for a minute she was going to leave us!"
Marvel: "Aww"
Dorothy: "But I did leave you uncle Henry! That's just the trouble! And I tried to get back for days and days!"
Aunt Em: "There there, lie quiet now. You just had a bad dream."
Hunk: "Remember me, your old pal Hunk?"
Hickory: "Me? Hickory?"
Zeke: "You couldn't forget my face could 'ya?"
Dorothy: "No, but it wasn't a dream. It was a place. And you...And you...And you......And YOU were there!"
Everyone: chuckling
Dorothy: "But you couldn't have been could you?"
Aunt Em: "We dream lots of silly things when we..."
Dorothy: "No aunt Em, this was a real truely live place! And I remember that some of it wasn't very nice. But most of it was beautiful! But just the same all I kept saying to everybody was 'I wanna go home!' and they sent me home!"
Everyone: chuckling
Dorothy: "Doesn't anybody believe me?"
Henry: "Of course we believe you Dorothy."
Dorothy: "Oh, but anyway Toto we're home! Home. And this is my room, and you're all here! And I'm not going to leave here ever ever again because I love you all!"
Dorothy: "And...Oh aunt Em...There's no place like home!"

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