Overview: The Fat of the Land to Oz...

Below is a YouTube video of a synapsis to the second half of the synchronicity.

Synchronicity second-half overview: Fast paced, hardcore techno and rap. The tension level goes up due to the music style. Albeit that's half the fun, a complete musical tangent than the first. The pace is definitely picked up by this CD.


If you would like to print this out, visit the Printable link for a printer-ready version. It not only contains the short version of both CD's but also the required media, CD timing and the Timeline.


During Smack My B!tch Up:
The Tin Man dances to Smack My B!tch Up. This is just plain absurd and funny!
Wicked Witch appears on cabin roof in synch. to female chorus during Smack My B!tch Up.
Dorothy lip-matches the word "...up" to the movie line Time after the above GITS.
During Breathe:
Lion points to Tin Man and intimidates our gang to "...you’re the victim!"
Dorothy wipes the tears off the Lions' face "...you’re the victim!"
Witch hand motions over her Sphere in synch. to "Breathe with me."
Camera pans showing the Poppy Fields to "Exhale, exhale, exhale!" Breathe the fumes baby!
During Diesel Power:
This is an interesting sequence. Both the song story and our heroes' plight are parallel to each other. Simply, the song lyrics describe a rising up, then a break down and stopping. It bridges. Then it goes on to getting back up and moving on. The same thing is happening to our gang and it matches perfectly, not only in the sense to the lyrics but with some word specifics as well. The gang also goes into and leaves the poppy field to the same riff.
Dorothy passes out without finishing the lyric "Blows your mind drastically, fanta..."
Glinda casts her Poppy Field counter-spell in synch. to musical transition.
Dorothy opens her eyes and wakes up to "Back attack ..."
The gang leaves the poppy field to the same looped riff as when they came to it.
Wicked Witch takes a sub-sonic flight on her broomstick to "Model 706-8073-421, Robot Sonic."
During Funky Sh!t:
Oz Guard acts suprized at the Emerald City's door to "OMG that's tha funky sh!t"
Beat tone changes to sinister when Wicked Witch starts to sky-write SURR...
Scarecrow lip-matches "OMG that's tha funky sh!t" after SURRENDER DOROTHY is spelled.
During Serial Thrilla:
Lion starts sequence to music by walking up small staircase and sings about the Serial Thrilla that he is.
Lion points into the air and stances to "Taste me, taste me..."
The guard interrupts and startles the gang to "...crowd disrupter."
During Mindfields:
Our heroes grab each others' hands to lyrics "This is dangerous..."
Lion gets scared, runs and bolts down hallway to "This is dangerous...Open up your head feel the shell-shock."
Camera pans to gang cautiously walking into Haunted Forest to the only apprehensive lyrics "I walk through mindfields, eh...."
During Narayan:
Track note: The recurring lyrics in Narayan establish the Wicked Witch of the West bumming everyone with lyrics "If you believe the western sun...is falling down on everyone." The Wicked Witch of the Western sun. Also, at the beginning of the song, there's a KILLER goth-like ambiance when the camera zooms in on the monkey's flying outside the window and the Wicked Witch gesturing them to get Dorothy.
The track Narayan starts when the Wicked Witch is giving orders to the monkeys to capture Dorothy.
Wicked Witch gets zapped by Ruby Slippers to "You feel another energy, and I feel a power growing."
Toto leaps from drawbridge to lyrics "If you beak it free..."
Wicked Witch tells Dorothy "And you feel it burn, your time has come." then she flips the Hourglass !
The fade to Toto descending mountains after he escapes from the castle during Narayan. This is about as much of a change as when Dorothy gets knocked out during Great Gig in the Sky during the first half.
During Firestarter:
The Tin Man starts hacking away at wooden door with his axe to the start of Firestarter.
Scarecrow's arm gets set ablaze to "I'm the one infected, twisted animator."
The Wicked Witch of the West melts and dies on perfect cue to the appropriate last-main-fading-lyrics of Firestarter.
During Climbatize:
Climbatize starts exactly when the real Oz is revealed by Toto after our heroes return with the Broomstick. It seems the ambiance of this track is of wonderment and discovery. Seems very appropriate.
Oz gestures his cane to the hollow Tin Man when music momentarily turns hollow.
During Fuel My Fire:
The final track Fuel My Fire's premise is giving thanks and calling everyone a liar. Dorothy could have left at any time by clicking her heels. Again, the full lyrics to this song are posted for this blow-by-blow finale.

TFOTL CD ends after Dorothy clicks here heels, the pinwheel effect and when she returns to Kansas.

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