The Synch Primer...

One could play any music to any film and see something, at some point or another, appear to synch together. It's a matter of an individuals' perception.


There are several ways to associate seemingly unrelated music to a film. We give some illustrations pertaining to TOEOTR but they can easily be transposed to any movie and music of your choice. Even with the following examples in mind, there can be any combination of them occurring at any given time. Not to mention you may come across some we haven't thought of...


1: Associating specific words or music lyrics to an action in the film. A character on-screen does a specific action that coincides with a word or line in the song.


• DSOTM: When Toto peeks from Ms. Gultches' basket and jumps to the ground to the lyrics "Peeking around on a piece of ground in your home town..."
• TFOTL: When the Wicked Witch flips the hourglass to warn Dorothy that her time is running out to the lyrics "Your time has come."

2: The meaning of a song appears to parallel the events happening in the scene or sequence.


• TFOTL: When our gang comes to the Poppy Fields. Both the songs' story and our heroes' plight are parallel to each other. Simply, the song lyrics describe a build-up then a break down and stopping. It bridges. Then it goes on to getting back up and moving on. Again, the song is exactly parallel to the film sequence, down to our gang entering and leaving the poppy field to the same music riff!


3: The music ambiance appears to go with what's going on in the film and it provides an alternate mood.


• DSOTM: When the tornado is coming and Dorothy rushes home while the impending danger is imminent. She gets knocked out when the windowpane gets blown into her room and she falls to her bed, in perfect synch to the music.
• TFOTL: When Dorothy is rescued from the Wicked Witch to the song Firestarter.

Additionally, lyrics in songs may appear to be synched with film dialog. Probably not word-for-word, but still interesting.


In summary, the easiest way to watch a Synchronicity is to pretend the music was made for a film, follow the synch directions (if applicable), kick back, and enjoy! As with any Synchronicity, you'll see different things and interpret the experience on your own was. Part of what's cool about these is they are wide open to interpretation!

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