The Other End of the Rainbow -

Pink Floyd's Dard Side of the Moon & The Prodigy's The Fat of the Land to The Wizard of Oz

The instruction sheet

So, You're going to give it a shot. Awsome! Here's the info on what you need, how to time the two CD's to the film, the timeline and what to watch for.


  1. The requirements
  2. Timing the CD's to the movie
  3. Timeline of the CD's to the movie
  4. What to watch for during the Synchronicity (4a: with DSOTM, 4b: with TFOTL and 4c: with The End)
  5. Credits

1: The requirements...

  1. A TV, VCR or DVD player, CD player
  2. Any Sepia Tone copy of The Wizard of Oz
  3. Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon CD
  4. The Prodigy's The Fat of the Land CD

2: Timing the CD's to the movie...

Timing is important to getting the music synched to the film. If you don't feel the relative half was timed right, feel free to rewind a little and try it again. You should be ok if the first timing marker lines up but other timing markers are listed too. Also note that if a CD skips, you'll have to restart that relative half. As insurance, clean your CD players' head and the disks.

Timing SDOTM to Oz: Press PLAY on CD player to the MGM Lions' 3rd roar. Turn off the TV volume and pump up the CD volume. Both timing markers are within the same song.

  • 1st DSOTM Timing Marker: Dissolve to Director Mervyn LeRoy is on the musical transition between "Speak to Me" and "Breathe."
  • 2nd DSOTM Timing Marker: Dorothy turns her head and looks back to "Look around..." during the song "Breathe."

Timing TFOTL to Oz: Pause film and setup this CD in your player. Start film when you're ready and press PLAY on CD player exactly when it cut-scenes after the Tin Man hits his chest, drops the axe and trips backwards. Both timing markers within the same song.

  • 1st TFOTL Timing Marker: The Tin Man points to his left knee to the word "Smack" at 3rd chorus of "Change my pitch up! Smack my b!tch up!" then smacks it.
  • 2nd TFOTL Timing Marker: Dorothy lip-matches the sung word "...up" on the single chorus of "Smack my b!tch up." after the Wicked Witch poofs off of the cabin roof.

Timing The End of the movie: The last track on The Prodigy CD ends just after Dorothy taps her heels together with the spinning pinwheel effect and exactly when the Sepia Tone house returns to Kansas. Return to the original movie audio!

3: The Timeline of the CD's to the movie...

Dark Side of the Moon to Oz
1a: Speak To Me - Intro Credits.
1b: Breathe* - Fade to Director Mervyn LeRoy's text.
2 : On The Run - Dorothy is rescued from pig pen.
3 : Time - Miss Gultch wants Toto.
4 : The Great Gig in the Sky - Dorothy and the Tornado.
5 : Money - Dorothy discovers Munchkin Land.
6 : Us And Them** - The people of Munchkin Land.
7 : Any Colour You Like - Dorothy meets the Scarecrow.
8 : Brain Damage - Scarecrows' "If I Only Had a Brain..." bit.
9 : Eclipse - The Tin Man is found.
The Fat of the Land to Oz
1 : Smack My B!tch Up - The Tin Man Dance.
2 : Breathe* - Meet the Cowardy Lion.
3 : Diesel Power - The Poppy Fields.
4 : Funky Sh!t - Entering the Emerald City.
5 : Serial Thrilla - The Lions' "Courage" bit.
6 : Mindfields - Oz throne room.
7 : Narayan** - Going to the Haunted Castle.
8 : Firestarter - Rescue Dorothy and the Witchs' death.
9 : Climbatize - The gangs' rewards.
10: Fuel My Fire - Balloon takes off without Dorothy.
The End of the Movie
0: Original movie audio - Dorothy verboses her adventure to her family.
* Same virtual 2nd track name.
** Same longest track position, 4th from last.

4: What to watch for during the Synchronicity...

During the movie, there are a bunch of things to watch for on how the music lines up with the film. Synchronicities are wide open for interpretation. You may see more, less or nothing at all. They are not for everybody.

  1. Associating specific words or music lyrics to an action in the film. A character on-screen does a specific action that coincides with a word or line in the song.
  2. The meaning of the song appears to parallel the events happening in the scene or sequence.
  3. The music ambiance appears to go with what's going on in the film and it provides an alternate feel.

In the following descriptions, the acronym GITS will be used that are in reference to a Great Gig in the Sky-like mid-song transitions. This is used as a term that describes a specific transition or mid-song tone change that is seen when Dorothy is knocked out turing the tornado while the song Great Gig in the Sky is playing. Although tricky to desctibe, this is a superb transition of an action in the film lining up too well with the music.

4a: What to watch for during the Dark Side of the Moon...

During Speak To Me:
Dissolve to Director Mervyn LeRoy is on musical transition between "Speak to Me" and "Breathe."
During Breathe:
Auntie Em puts her head over the chicken coop to "Breathe...breathe in the air."
Dorothy turns her head and looks back to "Look around..."
Dorothy touches Hickory's arm to "And all you touch..."
Hunk hits his thumb with his hammer to "...the work is done."
Dorothy balancing herself on the pig pen fence to "...balanced on the biggest wave..."
Dorothy falls into pig pen to "You race towards an early grave."
During On The Run:
Auntie Em seems to scold everyone to quiet background lyrics.
While Dorothy's singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow song, lyrics say "Live for today, gone for tomorrow...that's me."
Song ends peacefully when the sunbeams come through the clouds.
During Time:
Miss Gultch appears on her bike to the alarm bells.
Uncle Henry sits & shrugs to start of lyrics after Auntie Em tells off Miss Gultch.
Toto peeks out of the basket to "Peeking around..."
Dorothy's running away from home to "No one told you when to run... "
Prof. Marvel helps Dorothy with her chair from behind her to " come up behind you again..."
Prof. Marvel is telling Dorothy about Auntie Em to "Home, Home again..."
Dorothy leaves Prof. Marvel who is also the Wizard) to lyrics "Hear the softly spoken magic spell."
During The Great Gig in the Sky:
Dorothy confronts and battles high winds while the tornado is coming closer to perilous music vocals.
GITS: Dorothy gets knocked out by flying window in perfect synch. to musical transition.
Miss Gultch fades into the Wicked Witch of the West in synch with the vocals.
Song ends a few moments after the house hits the ground and Dorothy walks towards the front door.
During Money:
Song starts when movie goes to colour.
Damn if the Munchkins don't do a royal 'hammer-time' to the funky groove!
Munchkins seemingly march to the beat.
When the mayor comes out to do his babble, the softer background lyrics say "...I certainly was in the race..." (Political race?)
During Us And Them:
Lullaby League dance and twirl to echoing "Us...and them..."
Lollipop Guild undulates and hands Dorothy a lollipop to echoing "Me...and you..."
First close-up of the Wicked Witch of the West to "Black..." Then cut-scene to Dorothy wearing her blue dress to "...and blue..."
Multidimensionality with Dorothy and the Wicked Witch to the lyrics "...And who knows which is which and who is who."
The Wicked Witch of the East's feet disappear under house to echoing "...and down..."
Glinda and the Wicked Witch share words to "'s a battle of words..."
Wicked Witch points to Glinda, her fingers look like a pointed gun to "...said the Man with the gun..."
Wicked Witch disappears in fireball to piano transition.
Glinda flies away in her sphere-mobile to echoing "...and out..."
Munchkins part from the Yellow Brick Road so Dorothy can skip her way out of Munchkin Land to "Out of the way, it's a busy day..."
During Any Colour You Like:
Dorothy meets the Scarecrow to sweet Pink Floyd funk.
During Brain Damage:
The looney Scarecrow begins his dance and a tuff of grass falls to the ground to "The lunatic is on the grass."
Dorothy is talking to trees to "There's someone in my head but it's not me."
During Eclipse:
Dorothy beats on the Tin Man's chest to the sound of a heart beating.

4b: What to watch for during The Fat of the Land...

During Smack My B!tch Up:
The Tin Man dances to Smack My B!tch Up. This is just plain absurd and funny!
GITS: Wicked Witch appears on cabin roof in synch. to female chorus during Smack My B!tch Up.
Dorothy lip-matches the word "...up" to the movie line Time after the above GITS.
During Breathe:
Lion points to Tin Man and intimidates our gang to "’re the victim!"
Dorothy wipes the tears off the Lions' face "’re the victim!"
Witch hand motions over her Sphere in synch. to "Breathe with me."
Camera pans showing the Poppy Fields to "Exhale, exhale, exhale!" Breathe the fumes baby!
During Diesel Power:
This is an interesting sequence. Both the song story and our heroes' plight are parallel to each other. Simply, the song lyrics describe a rising up, then a break down and stopping. It bridges. Then it goes on to getting back up and moving on. The same thing is happening to our gang and it matches perfectly, not only in the sense to the lyrics but with some word specifics as well. The gang also goes into and leaves the poppy field to the same riff.
Dorothy passes out without finishing the lyric "Blows your mind drastically, fanta..."
GITS: Glinda casts her Poppy Field counter-spell in synch. to musical transition.
Dorothy opens her eyes and wakes up to "Back attack ..."
The gang leaves the poppy field to the same looped riff as when they came to it.
Wicked Witch takes a sub-sonic flight on her broomstick to "Model 706-8073-421, Robot Sonic."
During Funky Sh!t:
Oz Guard acts suprized at the Emerald City's door to "OMG that's tha funky sh!t"
GITS: Beat tone changes to sinister when Wicked Witch starts to sky-write SURR...
Scarecrow lip-matches "OMG that's tha funky sh!t" after SURRENDER DOROTHY is spelled.
During Serial Thrilla:
Lion starts sequence to music by walking up small staircase and sings about the Serial Thrilla that he is.
Lion points into the air and stances to "Taste me, taste me..."
The guard interrupts and startles the gang to "...crowd disrupter."
During Mindfields:
Our heroes grab each others' hands to lyrics "This is dangerous..."
Lion gets scared, runs and bolts down hallway to "This is dangerous...Open up your head feel the shell-shock."
Camera pans to gang cautiously walking into Haunted Forest to the only apprehensive lyrics "I walk through mindfields, eh...."
During Narayan:
Track note: The recurring lyrics in Narayan establish the Wicked Witch of the West bumming everyone with lyrics "If you believe the western falling down on everyone." The Wicked Witch of the Western sun. Also, at the beginning of the song, there's a KILLER goth-like ambiance when the camera zooms in on the monkey's flying outside the window and the Wicked Witch gesturing them to get Dorothy.
The track Narayan starts when the Wicked Witch is giving orders to the monkeys to capture Dorothy.
Wicked Witch gets zapped by Ruby Slippers to "You feel another energy, and I feel a power growing."
Toto leaps from drawbridge to lyrics "If you beak it free..."
Wicked Witch tells Dorothy "And you feel it burn, your time has come." then she flips the Hourglass !
GITS: The fade to Toto descending mountains after he escapes from the castle during Narayan.
During Firestarter:
The Tin Man starts hacking away at wooden door with his axe to the start of Firestarter.
Scarecrow's arm gets set ablaze to "I'm the one infected, twisted animator."
GITS: The Wicked Witch of the West melts and dies on perfect cue to the appropriate last-main-fading-lyrics of Firestarter.
During Climbatize:
Climbatize starts exactly when the real Oz is revealed by Toto after our heroes return with the Broomstick. It seems the ambiance of this track is of wonderment and discovery. Seems very appropriate.
Oz gestures his cane to the hollow Tin Man when music momentarily turns hollow.
During Fuel My Fire:
The final track Fuel My Fire's premise is giving thanks and calling everyone a liar. Dorothy could have left at any time by clicking her heels. Again, the full lyrics to this song are posted for this blow-by-blow finale.

TFOTL CD ends after Dorothy clicks here heels, the pinwheel effect and when she returns to Kansas.

4c: What to watch for during The End...

Original movie audio:
This is simply the original audio from the movie. Listen to Dorothy tell her family of her experience in the Land of Oz.

5: The Credits...

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